She'll give you a Paint Brush as a reward if you go talk to her, another equippable item. Just go there, buy some, then drop them off at Kel's House. However, do know that beating the entirety of Boss Rush unlocks the Seriously, you're the coolest! From there, going west or east results in you surrounded by the same thick fog again. It leads to a resting area for workers of the Last Resort: it's plagued by gators, but since they're off the clock, they won't attack us. hi everyone! Alright, time for Omori to take over. Roboheart doesn't seem to attack, she only heals herself every turn until she is defeated. The order is incorrect tho. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be sensitive. Follow him, and he'll reminisce for a bit. Concentrate on him, and at the level we're at, using Skills for two turns shall be enough. You'll need it. I recommend you Tag Aubrey and keep as her, since there's a lot of roadblocks around here. With all this new money, you'll be able to buy useful recovery items here. Cookie Notice This implies that HUMPHREY may have been kinder and more empathetic in the past. Let's now go to the top area. Hidden Library. The omori route is from not opening the door for Kel yeah. After the party beats HUMPHREY, they have completely forgotten about BASIL. You'll find it by Kel's House, and just by interacting with it, it'll go back to her home. Humphrey (enemy) - OMORI Wiki It consists of the various areas located within the enigmatic whale himself from DEEPER WELL. As reward, we'll now be able to enter her home and make some Coffee using the machine by the kitchen. After some brief exposition, we'll then just return to our bed and sleep. i can tell by your amount you got you had somewhere between 10-13 of a WTF VALUE, because I got 2,000 clams (1-3 WTF VALUE), Music Sheets: How to refight the Fear Bosses. Let's keep exploring the other floors, too! Let's enter the pizzeria first, and we'll be treated to a cutscene in which we observe Aubrey and her gang eat a pizza and chat. But we're in the best position to go and recover them! "Winning" the hangman game is the next step of progression. So after it happens, just head outside, and in your way you'll find the Shady Mole who had helped us find Pessi's Thing: he'll offer to change your Clams for Clems, which is the "currency of the future". We're gonna enter that door to appear in a hub that's very similar to White Space, although different. after humphrey? (spoilers???) : OMORI - reddit In a cage in the conveyor belt bomb puzzle (Green puzzle area). We'll just list the prompts along a picture of the locations so you can find them easily: We'll be paid $20 for our job. This puzzle needs a password, after you doing to the green teleport, you are sent to a maze that takes up to four whale beings. Now, you should get across through a Humphrey bridge, then find a way to get on its level (take stairs that go down) and hit it, which makes it "move along" with you: if you don't do this, you'll eventually encounter blockades. Walk all the way right, and you'll eventually find a, There's another similar room, though themed like a forest and with a pickable, There's one small room with a cat atop a table, and a butler nearby. Give him the GIANT CHECK from MR. Finally, something that isn't trash: it appears as an "Important" item, though we don't really know what we can use it for yet. We'll drop off into a small corridor full of portraits depicting the owner's lineage. Roboheart is found at the end of the hardest puzzle room, one level above. In our way, we'll find and clean up some nasty tag Aubrey and her gang left for Kel, but it's nothing more than a mere cutscene. This opens up to a more unique area, in which the walkaway goes around little islands containing shadows representing your memories. Beat Mr. Jawsum and not only you'll all be freed from his evil contracts, but also gain the Buy high, sell low achievement. Then, you can just go back and take the lower exit. You can talk to her to challenge her to a battle, in an amicable manner, but beware, because she is not forgiving. Now just head north until you reach a dock going across a waterfall. Sadly, he's too clumsy to even manage that, so he'll leave that on our hands. OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPG Maker game. Interact with her and she'll talk; that is until Hero runs into the room interrupting it all. Flex into . Once every Humphrey is down, you can just talk with each one of them to form the bridge. Enter that zone, and you'll find a very similar puzzle: there'll be, to both sides of it, platforms in which you have Kel unplug walls. After reaching each of the SLIME GIRLS' sectors and watching SWEETHEART's dissatisfaction with each of them, they obtain a SLIMY KEY CARD. This is the item we need to bring Humphrey back to surface. Go to the front desk and buy one, then take it back to the woman. By clicking View Page, you affirm that you are at least eighteen years old. Welcome to our OMORI Walkthrough. This area has weak enemies, like Sprout Mole??? Then go downstairs and open the door to find Kel yet again. So you just need the keys that spell out [deleted] 2 yr. ago I went through it with one missing, it gives you a dramatic build up and then tells you to look for any missing ones. What is the correct abbreviation for the word "weight"? Pick up the item (Life Jam) he can potentially block first, then hit him so a path opens and you can advanced to the next zone. Take it, and it'll lead you to a hallway, and walk up to the other end to reach another teleporter: this leads you to a hub of sorts. Oh, and mind a new battle mechanic: every now and then, Kel will play slots with our hard-earned Clams. Guide for OMORI - Two Days Left (Humphrey) - TrueAchievements Going forward triggers a new cutscene involving all of the "witches", furious with Sweetheart since she's not paying for their services. and our You can interact with Hector's doghouse by the front garden to play ball with him for a bit, before entering the house. Once there, we'll meet again with Kel. Standard deviation of 43, 47, 53, 39, 40, 60. Also, on a side note: is the hangman/collecting keys crucial to progressing the game? Time to search for Aubrey, who should reportedly be on the building's fifth floor. Out of all stages, the last one is the only one that should pose you any real trouble, because apart from being able to deal moderate damage to one of your units, he'll swallow your whole party after every turn, dealing moderate damage to them too. Once there, you can see a brief cutscene involving Sweetheart, who'll go through the toll booth to the left side of the screen. It seems to be the case where you just have to water them before everyone forgets. OMORI Walkthrough: OMORI ROUTE, Part 6 - ONE DAY LEFT - HUMPHREY, the OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPG Maker game. After landing, take a left to grab. You enter this area by going to the Vast Forest then climbing the long ladder up. Then, if you walk over to the opposite side (east), you'll find Sharleen by a pool: you can enter this pool to go to the Ghost Party. Mari's ghost throughout the blank space, looked in the lightbulb, EVERYTHING. Now head to the Faraway Park, and look for Basil, starting from where he was (the top-right area). This area heavily involves puzzles around locating swimming Humphreys and convincing them to make bridges so you can get across huge chasms. (spoiler-ish!) What do you do after beating humphrey? :: OMORI General Are you referring to White Space? To exit this specific room, you must. It's important that you return if you're interested in completing the Weeping Willow quest, as a 'JOKE' sign lies at the top. It will lead you to Basil's Real World room, with lots of pictures on the floor. Is there a newer version of the game or something where they flipped the maps??? Humphrey Grande ejecting the party out of his body after defeating him. Let Kel talk to the shop tender and get his order. Luckily, it's a short walk from Pinwheel Forest, and we'll arrive there in no time. You can use the Pepper Spray that we've picked up to instantly defeat them and obtain the The Art of Self-defense achievement as well. However, as battle progresses, they'll unlock terrible attacks that we'll do our best to manage: To defeat them, I kept the following strategy: Defeating the Slime Girls unlocks the Slime Time is Over! Just go to the left from the hub and you'll appear in a room with a bomb, and if you go down some teleporters - the room you want to go to is the one reached by the middle teleporter, and once there use the middle, right then left teleporters to reach the final room. OMORI Walkthrough - Two days left (Normal Route) - Neoseeker However, nothing that shouldn't be manageable for us, even when our party has been reduced to just Omori and Kel. This will prompt Mr. Jawsum to call another, single gator, then another, and so on until you manage to sneak hits onto him lowering his Health and beating him: all you need to do is time your hits correctly. However, you should still know that concentrating on the Kite won't do anything at all, since he'll make one again. Music Sheets: How to refight the Fear Bosses, The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me, Deals big damage to a foe and reduces their, She might drop a tear, which lowers one a unit's, She might accidentally say something mean to make another unit. This implies he knows about the HEADSPACE cycle of blissful ignorance, and may even be trying to perpetuate it. In order to be able to access Humphrey again, you'll have to do a little bit of tracking back. I can't tell her though, or else she might get too emotional. There are also some Watermimic, fake items - you know which they are because if you run and hit them, they'll attack: these enemies are a bit more dangerous, their attacks consist in using battle items, like Big Rubber Bands and Dynamite, with their effects applying and all. This'll send you into a tunnel full of water. 1 yr. ago. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. Before leaving, though, we're going to the dining room and check on the purse that's on the table. Now you should've at least bumped into other Humphries in the last section, pushing them towards this area: this new puzzle is solely that, you can return to the previous zone (pre-puzzle) using the waterfall to the left and take the current puzzle again, so that you bring all Humphries down (there's also items and even an optional Hangman Key that might interest you too). Once you've done both sides, go back outside and you should find the last two Humphries you needed to form a bridge there. There's 3 keys only available on the omori route but they're not apart of the correct keys you need anyway. Let's do it: just go outside and battle every single Squizzard until there's none left - you can heal at the barn by drinking Seacow Milk. She'll run away, ditching us and leaving us to the "witches" fury. The animation that plays when Humphrey swallows the party in-battle. Remember, Fix-It is at Faraway-Plaza, right to the north. If you go to her home (on the street that Basil lives, but on the opposite area, it's the second one you come by), her daughter will open up, saying how she's furious as the husband hasn't shown up yet. Now, you can get out of the cave and collect all of the items that are found lying around in the construction site (most importantly the Shucker, a weapon that increases Hero's Attack), and after that you can either: Keep going down from there and you'll reach Seacow Farms. HUMPHREY (FACE) | OMORI Wiki | Fandom He'll then go back to sleep, leaving a portal behind. Get on the elevator and go to the fifth and final floor. Welcome to our set of Omori Extras guides. Then give the z-score for a value of 100, rounded to the nearest third decimal. But let's take it easy here and do some optional activities first. Go back to the Last Resort and enter Jawsum's Office. Kel and hero and sleeping in the bedfort what do I do??? Avoid both until you reach the end, and you should reach a new hub-like area. On the stairs, Mari. His tongue is also long enough to be stretched out and anchored on the boardwalk to be used as a bridge into his insides. Also works on the toll booth with the spinning wheel - instead of having to spin it. is that where I have to go? First, you can enter the house next to Basil's to meet that father whom you had helped pick a gift for his son. When the time comes, the path youve chosen will determine your fate and perhaps the fate of others as well. He can be interacted with even while inside of him through the numerous buds in his insides. I really don't know if you need the Hangman keys, but I know the game forces the menu to appear at the end of the tunnel, so I assume they're relevant in some way. We can now return to the Underwater Highway, and enter the big yellow submarine, aptly named Mustard Sub. You must follow her down as the shadows get close, then reach the end and pick up the knife. Thanks! We need that one, so pick it up as Omori. The Slime Girls are the hardest Boss-fight you've faced yet. So, why don't we go look up for him? That's the end for this area, and we'll wake up as Sunny back in their home. Then there should be a whirlpool where Humphrey sank. In there, the Shady Mole: confront him for a battle. This leads you into a small passage in which you'll be treated to a cutscene regarding your friends' memories. Then, take a taxi to the Deep Well (there's one to the right of the Last Resort), and you'll be able to go through a toll booth to the left side of the screen. However, there are also bad news: we can't get to the fifth floor without a Cool Key Card, and Kel's clumsiness ended up with his being confiscated. Once out of OtherMart, Kel will tell you to go back to his home, that the sun is setting already. Omori Puzzle Guide Introduction. Then continue your journey up and enter the Church that's up top. Go back to the Last Resort and enter Jawsum's Office. How To Do The Red Humphrey Puzzle In. In addition, we'll cover other Optional activities you can do, and when everything has been done, we'll continue with the main quest. After he is defeated, the player is ejected from him via his blowhole. The trick is to interact with it once on the bin, it'll "examine your features". Do make sure to visit the men's bathroom at the back to pick up the P Hangman Key, which gets us real close to solving it. What do you do after beating humphrey? In both routes, you have to collect all the correct hangman keys to continue anyway though. Even then, they'll drain your health, but luckily Mari and her picnic are here too! I can't even count the number of times I got lost trying to follow these directions. The Kite Kid is what you'd call an optional Mini-Boss, but we're so overleveled that this battle is very very easy. That done, take the elevator to the left of the reception, in which you can heal, save, and pick up some Fruit Juice? First of all, you can go do your part-time job at Fix-It. HUMPHREY is back in his pond during ONE DAY LEFT, at the very bottom of DEEPER WELL. You'll reach some underwater avenue. After Speed has been taken care of, why not lower her Attack, at least it will make her a tad less dangerous. At the end, there'll be the elevator that takes us to Aubrey, finally, but it's blocked off by Berly and two Gator Guys. Interact with her, and we'll get a jumpscare, with a black door appearing where she was. ah, I ended up figuring I'd missed a key in the haunted pool - I've actually finished the game now, but thank you anyway! You can also interact with the playground items to play with them, all alone. Anyways, let's go to the Plaza, which in case you have forgotten, is one block east, then one block up then another block east. Defeating Mutantheart unlocks the Inhuman achievement. There, you'll reach a new dock, with stairs to the left and to the right, letting you swim to new areas. After all that, we'll wake up ashore, alongside Basil. Pick it up then use the keypad to get to the "Concierge". Please help me. In here, I used the trusty strategy of using multi-hit attacks with everyone but Hero (who as usual, heals), that is after lowering her Speed and Defense. Once we've reached the Faraway Plaza, Kel will tell us about his errand: we should go to Gino's Pizza and Othermart. After a short cutscene, he'll pay Hero for his services with a Giant Check. Still, it'll chase you down once you go past it - this is a puzzle of speed, so our advice is be quick. The end of the red stream opens into a shortcut back to the NEIGHBOR'S ROOM . This is one of the longest fights in the game, but you'll also start the battle with a fresh party so there's no need to expend items to recover after beating the SLIME GIRLS. just escaped from Humphrey but now i have no idea on where to go/what to do to go further in the story. Without further ado, let's move onto the last area we need to visit. There's probably a little chance he wins, but all of ours, he just lost hundreds of Clams, so you realistically want the battles to be as short as possible. Okay, so I noticed you put you will gain 100 clams from "happy NPC Tiffany Darling", which actually that is not true. You don't want Perfectheart to beat you in the move order in any situation, so lower them. Hey, so I just defeated humphrey but now I don't know what to do next. FEED HUMPHREY is a quest in OMORI. Finally, you can impart more Math and Grammar Lessons if you started with such job-line the day before - or, well, do it your alumni worksheets while they go play outside. after Humphrey. Once OMORI restores HEADSPACE after rescuing BASIL from . OMORI Walkthrough - One day left (Normal Route) - Neoseeker Then, walk right: you should reach an area with a huge clam, on top of which is the S Key. It's able to attack single enemies, throw Dynamite that deals damage to every unit (including himself), and use the B.E.D. He will behave as show below: Additionally, Humphrey will swallow the party every turn, doing percentage damage to all party members. First, just swim upwards until you reach the shore; and keep walking in that direction until you encounter Mari in a casket.