bmp scan files are too big. back at 1986 with Jeffrey. A lot of nicer RV parks will not allow older motor coaches. Moreover, the interior is not fancy, expensive to maintain, and has leaks in airbags. Discuss about various topics in our community and have fun while doing so. Selling for a friend bothers me. Reattach properly, tighten the control valve and you are good to go. Looking along the sides of the vehicle reveals no panel damage or problems, while the trim and wheels look flawless. I would take that over a cornerstone anyday. It contains high-quality floor plans, furnished or insulated walls, and good furniture. Newell Coach has been defined by our dedication to quality, durability and style for more than half a century. Around this sturdy frame sits an aluminum body, not unlike an aircraft. This configuration allows a flat floor to run the entire length of the motorhome, and it keeps the mechanical noise as far away from the occupants as possible when they are on the road. Makes me wonder how you would treat me & my wife. The Newell owners think they're at the top of the food chain when actually they have outdated, broken down, UGLY motorhomes. Take a few years off of keeping up with repairs and you may find 30k in deferred maintenance. January 29. We are not snobs, some of us are full timing, some part timing, some just take a trip occasionally. From what I've read on this forum and been told they are only expensive if you let someone else do the work. The control solenoid valve will be near the cylinder that opens and closes the door. this is NOT for the copyrighted brochures or manuals that came for individual systems on the coach from the equipment OEM. This might be a bit controversial. A friend bought a Wanderlodge. The reason is a leak in any part of the unit, such as, on the sidewall, on a little silver/black component.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[336,280],'camperask_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_14',103,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-camperask_com-medrectangle-4-0'); Now, before the air gets to the part thats leaking, the air supply has to go through another component. This is a place where we can share the lower priced parts or functionally equivalent parts that we have found and where to get them. An issue in selling aging motor homes is there is little to no financing available. If you are shopping for Newell you already know about the quality of these coaches. account. I think there's some very nice used Newells and Prevost available, my biggest concern is the Detroit Diesel. Andrew Steele, the RV-ing star has deemed the Coach the best RV now at 2022. I would take that over a cornerstone anyday. They recognized the new rear engine coaches were the wave of the future and wanted to be a part of this new innovation. They were finished at the Wanderlodge factory across the road. Members who have hookups and want visitors! However if money were no object (which sadly it is! It provides a lot of storage in the bedroom area with a large closet for storing different things. Why in the world would the seller not include that information? A Newell just like any other coach will cost a fair bit to move up and down the road. Really? Considering you would expect it to go for another 20 years. Where to Find the Best RV Couch Replacements, Walmart Alternatives for Free Overnight RV Parking, Dog Camping Tents Your Pet Will Actually Love,, 45' Custom Luxury RV Walk-through | Newell Coach Luxury Motorhomes ( (Fort Valley, GA) Inflate the plastic balloons properly and spray their surface with soapy water. The owner might choose to sell their family home and make this their primary residence. PSSST! A buyer needs to know what motor,trans and miles. Should say had? Let's put this to bead. Since 1979, they have been at the helm, keeping a close eye on the quality of their product and building their employee base. New posts Search forums. Pony express riders slept on a running horse. Demeaning a seller is not constructive, nor does it reflect well. I am sorry that you chose to post a desultory comment after you left. there are many clubs and programs out there. Sheesh2! Ready to roll This 1998 Newell Coach 2000 is a 45 diesel pusher located in Melissa, Texas. Hopefully you take the time to register and become a guru on our wonderful Newell Coaches. It is a plastic coating that can get damaged over time, and you can see color fading issues. He invited us to take a tour of their factory in Miami OK. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Get exclusive tips and tricks to save your money and time in the RV lifestyle! Subsequently, he moved it to his hometown of Miami, Okla. From there, Newell went about building custom luxury motorcoaches from the ground up, making upgrades to its production almost immediately. Also, for the price that theyre asking, put a set of batteries in the dang thing! Id say pretty good, provided they were majorly intoxicated. You can see multiple visible faults on the interior and exterior of the RV. Replace corroded ECU pin, replace ignition circuit solenoid. Deferred maintenance on a Newell (or any other SOB) can turn a bargain into a money pit. You are currently viewing our boards as a guest so you have limited access to our community. Bluebird does make school Busses I have seen plenty. Good if it is a POS. It's still a lot of money to pay for something that old and a long way to go just to see it in person. 1962 Chevrolet Corvette3 days$33,750Bid Now, 1978 Chevrolet Corvette4 days$2,100Bid Now, 1971 Lincoln Continental Mark III5 days$3,000Bid Now, 1961 Volkswagen Samba Deluxe 23-Window8 days$5,000Bid Now. RULES: No profanity, politics, or personal attacks. Sheesh 2! RV Trader promo codes, coupons & deals, November 2022. Check out this article. You can count on us for everything you. I would think that a new cornerstone is going to have all kinds of bugs to work out. The next chapter in my quest to learn to drive a motorhome takes me to Miami, OK to visit the Newell Coach factory to . Let him sell it. Many of you maintain your own blogs or follow those of others. These have coils and struts for absorption of road impacts instead of airbags. New posts New media New listings New media comments New resources Latest activity. In addition, it is also better to choose modern wall panels that can provide a luxurious interior look. I admit to really wanting a motor home to tow my racing car to events and this one fills the bill (but my racing budget is too small to accommodate it, unfortunately). How Much Does a Thousand Trails Membership Cost? The instrument panel lights dim down too. Newell, who gained a spot in RV history by building a luxury coach that features the best elements of bus and motorhome design and construction.. L.K.'s goal was to combine the desirable features of a bus-the rear diesel . Central NY in summer beautiful Casa Grande AZ in w, There are different ways to get better information direction from our drivetrain. It is just that you can buy a second-hand RV. This Newell is a plug-and-play proposition. What they think they are selling is not what a real buyer is looking to buy. Custom designs, combined with proprietary chassis and body designs, have made Newell a leader in the luxury motorcoach world. IMHO, and from my personal experience, believe when you buy anything used, you need to be prepared. They use the specialized services of companies like Cummins for engines, Allison transmissions, Spyder Controls for electronics, and even Porsche to design their 50th Anniversary Edition P50 coach. Why Do People Put Pool Noodles on Their RV Slideouts? You attempted to speak with five of the 70 or so folks at the rally, and they did not respond. No just - Answered by a verified RV Mechanic 1 Newell Coach RV in Calabasas, CA. Please feel free to write your own Review for any RV you own now or that you may have owned in the past. From its beginnings in 1967, Newell Coach has changed hands as it grew. A place to share our experiences with all of us for those ways. our coaches had manuals written by newell that came with the coach. Of course they make school buses. Sadly, Newell's three-year rampage in Beaumont, Texas, could affect the futures of Mike Anderson and Tommy Tubbs, two men who plan to apply for Lamar's vacant coaching job. 99 Save up to 5% when you buy more. Different subject, but Jackson Brown recorded the song Nothing But Time aboard his Silver Eagle tour bus. . The video for this Chapter follows this colorful story of my introduction to Newell Coach and my trip to Miami, OK and includes driving footage. The road elements like dust particles, hard structures, and dust come in contact with them and cause damage. Good Luck We have some friends with a Newell they bought used. Make your own judgements from there. Newell or notFIND your Air Leaks! Choose a brighter color scheme for wall paints that give a unique appearance. Good golly people have some manners. Miami, Okla., in the northeast corner of the Sooner State, has always been home to Newell Coaches. 2008 newell motor home recall - visibility:sun/moon roof assembly problem: newell is recalling certain model year 2005-2010 motor coaches manufactured from january 2004 through july 2009, equipped with se-gi windows. This is grossly misrepresented, the pictures show none of the damage, only the good parts. Reasons and SolutionsContinue, Common Problems with Newell Coach and the Solutions. Maybe they will change the design next year. 9 Newell Coach RVs in Nacogdoches, TX. It is better not to rely on pictures and make the decision after seeing the pictorial presentation. I am also part of the informal rally. Keep Your Daydream got to see several different options of Newell's custom-made coaches. I think owing a Newell would be Awesome! During our walk-through of our new-to-use Newmar Ventana LE this past Thursday (3/21/19) at National Indoor RV Center in Lewisville, TX, the technician we had said the guidance from Newmar is to extend/retract slide-outs while the coach is at "ride height". Wait for about 12 to 18 hours after applying the first coat. I was okay once I got in there, but getting out sucked. Many folks use 10k per year as a budget for repairs. This Newell was beyond what I was willing to spend, but it looks good. These Are the Best Vans for Vanlife in 2023, The Vintage Spartan Trailer is Still a Hot Commodity, These Manufacturers Let You Create a Custom RV, The Grooviest Vintage Motorhomes You Have to See. If so don't be afraid. The engine is ventilated out the far side. Newell doesnt produce many coaches that dont already have a buyer. Did 12s at the Long Beach drag strip. Your next trip could set the standard for all future travel if done in a Newell. The unique thing about the Newell chassis is that its for a motorcoach. They dont sell as much as the camper.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'camperask_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_12',106,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-camperask_com-large-leaderboard-2-0');if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[250,250],'camperask_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_13',106,'0','1'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-camperask_com-large-leaderboard-2-0_1'); .large-leaderboard-2-multi-106{border:none !important;display:block !important;float:none !important;line-height:0px;margin-bottom:15px !important;margin-left:auto !important;margin-right:auto !important;margin-top:15px !important;max-width:100% !important;min-height:250px;min-width:250px;padding:0;text-align:center !important;}.