He has a nice large, good-quality cage and a portable "branch" that he spends time on. I sell all of them for $50 each or more depending on the color, if you buy in bulk Im .. Montebello, Pickup only- will not mail.Buy Now, Beautiful 2.5 year old macaw. The bird is almost 5 months old now I do not know if he's male or female I put him off a personal breeder. I have 12 young, colorful, male & female parakeet on sale. Instead of making him suffer and be selfish to think about my emotions and how much I dont want to let him go I feel like the right thing to do is to find him another loving home that will give him the right attention that he needs. ). Birds For Sale in Orange County (108) | Petzlover Home Birds Florida Orange County Subscribe Premium $1,200 Siberian husky puppies reyarment25 The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered wit.. Siberian Husky, Florida Tampa $3,500 Female macaw for sale CuteMariamikaylova Located in Orlando FL. Parakeet Diet This is a proven pair of cockatiels, have had successful clutches, and are good parents. Senegals have a tendency to become a bit overweight, but are active birds by nature, and will avoid becoming fat if given enough exercise, toys for increased activity, and a good diet.Breeding:Senegal parrots nest in holes in trees, oftenoil palms, usually laying three to four white eggs. Please txt interest to xxxxxxxxxx thanks richView Detail, Im selling three parakeets and cage with everything in it and a bag of foodView Detail, Alexandrine ringneck parakeet for sale,ring neck parakeet,parakeet, Parakeet,alexandrine ring neck parakeet,ring neck parakeet,ringed neck, two Parakeets / Budgies to go to a loving home. The female incubates the eggs for about five weeks, and the chicks fledge from the nest about 90 days after hatching. Valac 2 Year Old Violet Edged Female Lovebird, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/622089t/1675109131/lilac-peach-faced-lovebird-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/622088t/1675108914/homing-tame-peach-faced-lovebird-for-sale.jpg, https://img.birdsnow.com/slir/w350-c5x4/birds/data/photos/621995t/1674958120/parakeet-for-sale-in-california-city-ca.jpg. Tess.. His name is mango, and he's about two years old. 1 He says many english words, phrases & loves to sing opera. Two DNA sexed females and one DNA sexed male available. Pick up only- we wi.. Tessi is a great American Bulldog. for sale. More on Oodle Classifieds Oodle Classifieds is a great place to find used cars, used motorcycles, used RVs, used boats, apartments for rent, homes for sale, job listings, and local businesses. Has been super sweet but unpredictable and biting lately. No Emails Please! The.. Labrador Retriever, California Yucca Valley Canary bird, used cage Tony Not for release! Please login to manage saved searches ads. You can have all the toys and accessories in it plus food and treats.View Detail, I have 3-5 month old parakeets for sale. 1 Love to be held. My owner does not uncover me when I am awake. You may also want to do genetic testing to ensure the African Grey is not a crossbreed between a Timneh and a Congo. We she gets use to you she will step up on your arm. I have my Quaker parrots since 3 months old I hand fed him. The store is stocked with different bird feeds, bird houses, bird feeders (hummingbirds, doves, chickadees, you name it), bird baths, bird ornaments, and even bird books. Loves to fly around the house good with kids on zu.. Adorable F2 goldendoodle pups looking for their forever home. All my doves are siblings, so not recommended for breeding with each other. I have three early season hatched, beautiful, very large Congo African Grey babies for sa.. Hi there rehoming our beautiful macaw he is exotic, beautiful colors six year old hes .. Ready for a new home. I have yellow, blue and green colors. No Emails Please! Additionally, you can perform testing to check for diseases in thebirdas well. This is where we always butt heads with most new customers, they just will not listen, once you spoil the bird, they, the bird, simply does not understand when you can no longer deliver what you started, such as constant attention. The puppies in this litter are from AKC Registered parents and can also be registered wit.. G amill: Affectionpups40 Type BIRD Breed Parakeet Approximate Age 1 Year, 0 Months, 0 Weeks Sex Female Color TRI Type of Intake Stray Available for Adoption (Subject to change) May 9, 2021. Though these birds are better off n the wild, they can become great pets with proper training. He love playing wrestling (goes on his back while you tickle his stomach with your fingers). Parakeets Temperament Cockatoo Parrots for saleBUY WHITE COCKATOOIn common with other cockatoos and parrots, the white cockatoo has pterodactyl feet with two toes facing forward and two facing backward. Parents on site. He speaks few sentences (Good morning, Very nice, hey whats you doing, etc..)View Detail, G maill: Affectionpups40 I have young, colorful, male & female turquoisines and scarlet-chested on sale. Birds are held with a $300 deposit. Anaheim Birds by BirdsNow.com, part of the EquineNow.com, LLC group of websites. I will provide lots of advice and support to help you make the perfect home for your new family member! They are in immaculate condition. Birds of Orange County, California Please login to manage saved searches ads. A right cage should have horizontal bars on at least two sides, as hookbills love to climb. Asking $3200 OBOBuy Now, Got these 4 babies 2 weeks ago, they are adorable and fly around the house. LB. He got a very special blue color on this rump and the, Congo Baby grey for sale , (Babies already sold), prospective buyer can reserve for next round about the mid of May, no shipping. All finger perch. Showing 1-20 of 141 results Babies Born November 29th, three females available who are de.. I have many years of experience as a breeder. We are Bird Behaviorist Specialists and we do have a couple of scarlet macaws for sale. AKC registered German Shepherd puppies from .. 3 DILUTE BLUES AND 2 YELLOWS. No Emails Please! time .They will make a great 2016 stock and proven 5 days ago in Garden Grove, CA I have 12 young, colorful, male & female parakeet on sale. email for pics, they won't upload. She loves attention. I am located in Santa Ana, and my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx ask for Ivan i speak both english, and spanish, thank you! Over 4 weeks ago on Adopt-a-Pet.com. They are tamed, very social and ready to go to a new home, let me know if you have any questions regarding them. Loves to be next to you all the time, full of energy. You can contact me at xxxxxxxxxx or at xxxxxxxxxxView Detail, Hi I have my baby catlina macaw for sale silly tame will go to any one with cites papers can provide a large rainforest cage at extra cost that I brought 1 month ago. All Rights Reserved. all. I bought this parakeet about a month and a half ago to surprise someone with, but they di.. Adults have a charcoal grey head, grey beak, bright yellowirises,green back and throat, and yellow underparts and rump. Some popular services for bird shops include: What are people saying about bird shops services in Orange County, CA? As their name implies, are covered with bright blue plumage. Deep Green with Rare Bright Green Chest (not the usual grey) Very beautiful. Now Shipping Nationwide USA! More information at (xxx) xxx-xxx9.View Detail, Good morning, in He is a sweet quiet bird unless he is being teased by another birdView Detail, Her name is chicken. I just don't have the time that he needs to care for him. She likes to play. Senegal Parrots (Poicephalus senegalus)for salecan bequitesweet for a parrot and enjoy being withtheir owner. They are fun to watch on the swings, they. orange co. for sale. 11 champion pedigree line. He loves kisses and pets on the cheek with your nose, and loves to sleep with you too.\r\n\r\nMy Contact information\r\nPhone #: xxxxxxxxxxBuy Now, Diamond Red Tail Finch These two are so beautiful. Size:about 9 inches in length and 5 ounces inweightLife Span:with care they can live up to 50 yearsBehavior:Their calls are generally high pitched whistles and squawks along with mimics, but they are not as noisy as many other parrot species. Nve Blue and Gold Macaw Parrots Birds. This is a1 year old, female military macaw looking for a loving home. Wings have been recently clipped. Pair of DNA Tested Male and Female African Grey Parrots, 1 year old Is 2 years old. Located in Orlando. It is therefore still a young African Grey who is still in the child stage. 2 When is it? Pick Up Only 278 species illustrated. Most perch on arms and/or shoulders. See a sampling of the doves in videos: v.ht/Doves Other pi 2 hrs ago Adopt EDNA a Gray Cockatiel / Mixed bird in Irvine, CA (30915027) Tools. Blue and Gold Macaws (Ara ararauna) for sale, also known as a Blue and Yellow Macaw are intelligent and sociable birds. This is not a good first bird, nor is a good childs pet. Unfortunately my dog has been having allergy issues and I have been advised to re-home them.Buy Now, These parrots are home well trained and they don't bite and they will make a very good family companion. no hidden. And this is why I need a new home. I have young, colorful, male & female turquoisines & scarlet-chested on sale. Needs training and handler that is experienced with birds. I am located in Santa Ana, and my number is xxx-xxx-xxxx ask for Ivan i speak both english, and spanish, thank you! !Buy Now, This is a1 year old, female military macaw looking for a loving home. Young Red and Green Macaws differ from adults. Clever little.. Male green cheek conure, approximately two years old. Its super friendly does nit bite buts its also not used to human contactView Detail, 80-l00 each. It's all to get engaged socially. Thanks He comes with his cage and food. Hand fed during weening. He sings, knows how to dance, and whistles. I have had Chico for 8 years. They enable it to grasp objects with one foot while standing on the other, for feeding and manipulation.The maximum lifespan of thewhite cockatoo is poorly documented. 3 And she loves treats. Very active and playful; need many toys, a large amount of exercise, mental stimulation, and human interaction.Hyacinth Macaw,Hyacinth Macaw for sale,purebredHyacinth Macaw,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in usa,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in canada,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in uk,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in germany,Hyacinth Macaw in australia,Hyacinth Macaw babies for sale,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in Texas,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in california,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in las vegas,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in Nevada,Hyacinth Macaw sale in florida,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in ohio,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in mississippi,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in Kentucky,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in arkansas,Hyacinth Macaw for sale in Ga,Hyacinth Macaw in md,Hyacinth Macaws,Hyacinth Macaw eggs,Hyacinth Macaw babies,parrots,parrot eggs Please help rehome me. Have both parents. Tess.. American Bulldog, California Riverside County $80 Birdsforsale samirachegini1998 I have 5 young under 3 months old lovebirds for sale.. You can message me at Birds of Orange County, California. Location Birds For Sale, Orange 1 to 9 of 9 results View By: Parakeet****ON***SALE!! Thank you!Buy Now, Blue and yellow macaw "ararauna" tamed, raised by hand. One male 150.00Buy Now, Mating pair Eclectus parrot. For Serious Inquires, Call or Text 562, Beautiful Handfed Black Sable Fischer Lovebird for sale at $200. For Serious Inquires, Call or Text 562, Beautiful Handfed Olive Fischer Lovebird for sale at $125 each. It comes with a center post and 4 bowls. Also the innermost covered areas of the larger crest feathers are yellow. Contact me on xxx-xxx-xxxx for more pictures and informationView Detail, Located in Orlando. Still, careful consideration should be taken before any two birds are placed together to prevent injury. If you want to breed doves, please be aware of what that entails and that doves are very prolific breeders. $800.00 Pair Quick View Green Cheek Conure WestBranchAviary, CA We Ship G maill: Affectionpups40View Detail, G maill: Affectionpups40 bird aviary - $900 (Tustin) bird aviary. Your best training tool is your own voice. I would also like to find someone close to the Sacramento area so I can visit him. DNA Done and, Beautiful Handfed Blue Masked Lovebird for sale at $150. Only serious inquiries please.Buy Now, Beautiful Baby Corella Cockatoo Hand Reared from the egg, Super Tame and Silly Birds. have not been handled in a long Close Rung 2022 DNA sexed Male Lovely colouration and cheeky personality. Currently being handfed, but I am taking deposits. The scarlet macaw price is above the price of a mini macaw and can only be compared to the price of a blue and gold macaw.Scarlet macaw price:Our scarlet macaw price usually starts at $1000, but if you are returning client you can purchase one from us at a hundred dollars less.Behavior:A typical sighting is of a single bird or a pair flying above the forest canopy, though in some areas flocks can be seen. If you take mango, I would include the cage, food, treats, and toys! The prices listed may have typographical errors and prices are subject to change without notice. Amazon, Canary, Conure, Macaw, Parakeet, Parrotlet, Umbrella Cockatoo, Umbrella Cockatoo For Sale in Orange County (1), Im looking for Young blue and gold macaw, Im looking for a female pineapple green chick or son conure, Im a Green Wing Macaw am available for free. African Grey Parrots,They are vet checked and very friendly to adults, children and other pets.conta Amazon Parrots,They are vet checked and very friendly to adults, children and other pets.contact me 8 hrs ago She is c.. his name is benzo very lovable friendly bird has some vocabulary he is 1 year 6 months ol.. Locations Where Birds are Available in Orange County Highlands, Warwick, Newburgh, Chester, Monroe, Birds Available For Sale in Orange County Amazon, Canary, Conure, Macaw, Parakeet, Parrotlet, Umbrella Cockatoo, Still, careful consideration should be taken before any two birds are placed together to prevent injury. Shes super sweet and gentle though may be a bit shy when first meets you, she doesnt bite at all. G maill: Affectionpups40View Detail. That is cruel! TheUmbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba) is one of the large species of cockatoos. Born and raised with both parents inside Home Aviary and fed with seeds, fresh fruits (apples & grapes) & veggies like dandelions, carrots & broccoli, These 3 Cockatiel's are approximately 3 years old. This is a breeder female adult lovebirds she is needing a new home since I'm moving across the country. Doves live about 20-25 years, so be prepared for a time commitment.