It includes the entire island of Oahu, which has a circumference of about 137 miles and an area of approximately 596 square miles. i. 5.2.15. Officers and employees shall not accept directly or indirectly any gifts, gratuities, loans, fees, rewards, or any other things of value arising from or offered because of police employment or activities connected with said employment. Recommending Attorneys, Bail Bond Brokers, Tow Services, Etc. The estimated resident population is 974,600, which includes military personnel but not tourists. Employees are responsible for the proper care of departmental property and equipment assigned to them. i. However, the Commission may accept late complaints explaining the reason for the delay. Officers are expected to establish and maintain a working knowledge of those ordinances of the County of Hawaii, Statutes of the State of Hawaii, orders, policies, and directives of the department and divisions thereof which are applicable to their functions as police officers. A. Pearl CityAloha Stadium, Aiea, Pearl Harbor, Pearl City, Waipahu. HWnH}Wm KJ,h,bH,z(*~W1XYU]SL2e~.'Lg qp?Px/uA@eFW2!`*YJ@ipr;T)dz;7)A%KN2YH+$!$%LzAxgkeHP@|_p3eDR+T![=+V82M1mu%5~A,YVKKS }6R&3(Uc?NDdN\>$SuTTvp>h6 qQS,%&Yf.Z|z5/7FL?HIV$Rh 'jH1_Y_}]xpfTM>>RjWm*G"^zT$O6Ty"rV(,E=L>u1YE:mn6+v\C.M=/gqj>- fc]qHQG,S*\F~v)7468e2ajA08DE'> GwN g8]ww2 hr7 While retaliation is generally rare, it can be a valid concern, particularly in. q. Complaints against Maui Police Department officers can be filed in one of two places. You should also consider reporting the incident to the United States Department of Justice and submitting an intake to the ACLU of Hawaii. Depending on the body investigating the complaint, the officer may also be disciplined or even fired. The Communications Division is the largest Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) in the state and receives all 911 calls on Oahu. PROCEDURES. 7150 Harris Drive d.Excessive Use of Physical Force Officers shall not use any more physical force than is necessary to accomplish the immediate police purpose. The Community Affairs Division is responsible for operating, coordinating, and maintaining the departments community relations, special awards, and projects. Reporting Accidents Accidents involving officers and employees, county property and/or equipment must be reported in accordance with adopted procedures. Constitution of the United States and the Constitution Finally, make sure to make copies of all the documents and evidence for your records. Citizens are encouraged toreport police misconductin an effort to address public concern, correct inappropriate behavior, and uphold the publics trust in their police department. Conduct toward Superior and Subordinate Officers & Associates Officers and employees shall treat superior officers, subordinates and associates with respect. Three police officers involved in last year's shooting death of a 16-year-old crime-spree suspect following a high-speed chase through rush-hour traffic will not be disciplined by the Honolulu . e.Transportation of Public The public may be transported in a police vehicle, to include subsidized vehicles, only when necessary to accomplish a police purpose. To file a complaint with the County of Hawaii Police Commission, the complaint must involve misconduct that took place (a) while the officer was on duty or acting under the color of authority and (b) within 90 days from the filing of the complaint. Each Laboratorys Individual scope of accreditation may be found under the laboratory location page. For criminal complaints, we generally recommend contacting the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Learn about the Director of the Michigan State Police. Commission of any Criminal Act Officers and employees shall not commit any criminal act. Maintaining Communication Members on duty shall be directly available by normal communication or shall keep their office, headquarters or superior officer informed of the means by which they may be reached when not immediately available. t.Criticism of Orders Officers and employees shall not publicly criticize any instruction or order received from competent authority. Honolulu Police Department 5.2.11. 0000002113 00000 n Return to top. Civilian Personnel All civilian employees of the department shall be subject to the Standards of Conduct described in this policy. H\0{bia?Xw&cWXcoY!ypu6Au"`[3j/X\M]^h {\0W\5XTwC7B Motor Carrier Regulatory and Credentialing, Vulnerable or Impaired Person (VIP) Enrollment, Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN), Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Seventh District - Northern Lower Peninsula, https://dev.michigan.local/som/json?sc_device=json, Go to Freedom of Information Act Requests, Go to Medical Waivers for Commercial Drivers, Go to Motor Carrier Regulatory and Credentialing, Go to Vulnerable or Impaired Person (VIP) Enrollment, Go to Law Enforcement Information Network (LEIN), Go to Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards, Go to Michigan Intelligence Operations Center, Go to Statewide Records Management System, Digital Analysis Identification Section (DAIS), Go to Criminal Justice Information Center, Go to Emergency Management & Homeland Security, Laboratory Services - Technical Disciplines, Automobile Theft Prevention Authority (ATPA), Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program (COSSAP), Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF), Governor's Traffic Safety Advisory Commission, Go to Third District - Thumb and Tri-Cities, Go to Seventh District - Northern Lower Peninsula, Go to District and Post Commander Directory, program descriptions and organizational structure, Professional Standards Section (Internal Affairs). When the police purpose might be jeopardized by delay, immediate action shall be taken even though the incident would ordinarily be dealt with by some other officer or bureau. Officers and employees shall not solicit any gifts, gratuities, loans or fees where there are any direct or indirect connections between solicitations and their departmental membership or employment. To file a complaint with Internal Affairs, the complaint and supporting documentation should be submitted using the Internal Affairs Written Complaint available on the Maui Police Departments website. Reports/Police Records: East Hawaii: (808) 961-2233 . There are other types of complaints that this guide does not directly address: (1) criminal complaints and (2) civil lawsuits. i. All lawful duties shall be performed promptly notwithstanding the general assignment of duties and responsibilities. Generally, complaints filed 60 days after the incident took place cannot be considered by the Commission. Lansing, Michigan 48909 Complaints against Kauai Police Department officers can be filed in one of two places. Cooperation All officers and employees are charged with establishing and maintaining a high level of cooperation between other members and units of the department to ensure effective law enforcement. PDF-XChange Viewer;2.5.309.0;Jul 28 2014;19:21:04;D:20210303130353-10'00' We recommend filing the complaint in both places if possible. %PDF-1.7 % The results of forensic testing may: eliminate a person from suspicion. Forensic science serves an important role in Michigan's criminal justice system. All officers shall abide by the Standards of Conduct. SCHOOLS WITHOUT POLICE ARE BETTER SCHOOLS, Honolulu Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, KPD Internal Affairs Formal Complaint Form, getting involved with the ACLU of Hawaiis Police Campaign. To file a complaint with the Office of Professional Standards, the complaint and supporting documentation should be submitted using the Police Department Complaint Form available on the Hawaii County Police Departments website. The complaint and supporting documentation should be submitted using the HPC Statement Form, Written Complaint available on the Honolulu Police Departments website. 5.2.19. Purchase of Liquor Officers in uniform shall not enter any place where intoxicating liquors are kept or offered for sale for the purpose of purchasing same. Location and other relevant circumstances? by Police Associated Groups Associations, clubs, auxiliaries, fraternities or other groups of officers or employees acting under the auspices or sanction of the department shall not sell tickets, solicit sales of any kind, or offer performances of any nature toward raising funds for special purposes without the prior approval of the Police Chief. Reporting for Duty Unless otherwise directed, officers and employees shall report for duty at the time and place specified, properly uniformed and equipped. b. It shall be the policy of the Hawai'i Police Department that sworn officers and civilian employees shall be subject to all Standards of Conduct and all directives, orders and procedures of the Hawai'i Police Department at all times, whether on or off duty, including all periods of absence, whether authorized or unauthorized. a. Fill out, notarize, and submit within 30 days of the incident to: Commission Secretary County of Kauai, Police Commission 4444 Rice St. Piikoi Building, Suite 300 Lhue, HI 96766, For questions about the process, contact the Kauai Police Commission at 808-241-4920, KPD Internal Affairs Formal Complaint Form at, Office of Professional Standards Kauai Police Department, 3990 Kaana St., Suite 200 Lihue HI 96766, For questions about the process, KAcontact the Office of Professional Standards at 808-241-1633. (4) misconduct by non-law enforcement personnel. All rights reserved. The Criminal Investigation Section investigates matters that violate Hawaii laws and City and County ordinances. Staff inspection: An annual inspection by the Professional Standards Office (PSO) that examines an element's facilities, property and equipment, personnel . Department Property and Equipment Employees shall not use any departmental equipment unless authorized by competent authority. Provide the date and time of the incident, as well as any later events that are related to the incident (e.g., called the police department to report the misconduct, went to hospital to treat injuries). Police officers are generally required to give you their name and badge number upon request. Write a letter describing in detail the facts and circumstances of the complaint and submit with supporting documentation to: Department of Public Safety Internal Affairs Office, 919 Ala Moana Blvd., 4th Floor Honolulu, HI 96814, For questions about the process, contact Internal Affairs at 808-587-1130, Office of the Ombudsman, 465 South King St., 4th Floor Honolulu, HI 96813, For questions about the process, contact the Office of the Ombudsman at 808-587-0770 or PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT AND RESPONSIBILITIES. Their findings are forwarded to the HPDs Administrative Review Board for its review and recommendation to the Chief of Police. Emergency   911   or Contact   (808) 529-3111  . b. Disposition of such an appeal will be made through the office of the Police Chief. Even when the process works, people reporting police misconduct can expect to wait several years before any action is taken against the offending officers. e.Soliciting of Gifts, Gratuities, Fees, Rewards, Loans, Etc. The deadlines depend on where you are filing the complaint. Media Inquiries: 517-284-3222. Honolulu, HI 96813 Read Our Stories and News Releases. ii. Not sustained: the investigation failed to discover sufficient evidence to support the complaint. 5.2. Our scientists have expertise in 11 forensic specialties and analyze a wide range of physical evidence in criminal investigations. . Forensic Science. 0000007919 00000 n He retired as a lieutenant in 2012 and is currently employed with the National Football League as their Security Representative in the State of Hawaii. s.Ticket Sales, Etc. The Honolulu Police Commission is made up of seven individuals appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by the City Council. If you have a matter that requires local police action or assistance, please contact your nearest MSP post. c.Sleeping on Duty Officers and employees shall not sleep on duty. All police departments have different ways for people to report misconduct by an officer. This includes the privilege to investigate, arrest, and use force in a judicious, responsible, and legal manner. Please update to a modern browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Edge to experience all features has to offer. Allegations of criminal misconduct are investigated thoroughly and presented to the Department of the Prosecuting Attorney for their disposition. Relief Officers and employees are to remain at their assignment and on duty until properly relieved. An Equal Opportunity Employer